Recommended Puppy Supplies

Recommended Puppy Supplies

Here is a list of some of my favorite supplies that I recommend purchasing prior to bringing your puppy home!

Must Haves:

Food - this is what your puppy has been fed starting at the age of 4 weeks


Large Crate with Divider

Dog Bed for Crate

Food and Water Bowls

Walking Leash - 4-6ft

Collar- will likely start with size small and grow up to size medium or large

Spray Bottle (for training)


Recommended Supplements:

Gastro Pro Plus - to assist with the transition period away from littermates and into new home


Puppy Nyla Bones

Puppy Boss Bones

All Natural Elk Antlers (Adult-always supervise your dog when they have bones!)

Bark Bones

Chewing Sticks

Large Frozen Marrow Bones - Ask your local butcher. Always serve frozen/raw. Never boil (as this causes splintering). Must be large so that dog's lower jaw does not get stuck. Again, always supervise!


Dog Brush


Deodorizing Spray

Nail Clippers

Grooming Shears (for paws/around pads)


Must Haves for Shedding:

Alaskan Salmon and Pollack Oil (add to food to reduce shedding, improve skin/coat, and prevent hot spots)

Shark iQ Robot with Self Emptying Base - Robotic Vacuum

Chom Chom - Lint/Fur Remover for furniture