Our main priority here at Eagleridge is to produce the healthiest, most beautiful Golden Retrievers with the best temperaments. Genetics, as well as nutrition, play a huge part in this. That is why we use and recommend pawTree for all of our nutritional needs.

PawTree dog food is formulated by a team of Animal Nutritionists and Veterinarians. It is made with human grade ingredients and does not contain any fillers or bi-products. The kibble is nutritionally dense and therefore, less food is required to meet the nutritional needs of your dog (ultimately saving you money). A standard 65-70lb adult dog will require 2-3 cups of pawTree food per day as compared to 4-5 cups of food per day with your standard brand kibble.

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Helpful Tips

  • if you purchase an XL bag, it is in fact three 10.3 lb resealable bags - you can open them as you need them and they won't go bad!
  • if you purchase food along with three nonfood products, you qualify for free shipping.
  • Use code INTRO4U for 20% off your first order