Recommended Puppy Supplies

Recommended Puppy Supplies

Here is a list of some of my favorite supplies that I recommend purchasing prior to bringing your puppy home!

Must Haves:

Food - this is what your puppy has been fed starting at the age of 4 weeks


Large Crate with Divider

Dog Bed for Crate

Food and Water Bowls

Walking Leash - 4-6ft

Collar- will likely start with size small and grow up to size medium or large

Treat Pouch

Spray Bottle (for training)


Travel Crate (if traveling a long distance to pick up your pup)

Pooper Scooper

Female Dog Washable Diapers (size L2 - for heat cycles)

Recommended Supplements:

Gastro Pro Plus - to assist with the transition period away from littermates and into new home


Puppy Nyla Bones

Puppy Boss Bones

All Natural Elk Antlers (Adult-always supervise your dog when they have bones!)

Bark Bones

Chewing Sticks

Large Frozen Marrow Bones - Ask your local butcher. Always serve frozen/raw. Never boil (as this causes splintering). Must be large so that dog's lower jaw does not get stuck. Again, always supervise!


Dog Brush


Ear Wash/Dry

Deodorizing Spray

Nail Clippers

Grooming Shears (for paws/around pads)



Must Haves for Shedding:

Alaskan Salmon and Pollack Oil (add to food to reduce shedding, improve skin/coat, and prevent hot spots)

Shark iQ Robot with Self Emptying Base - Robotic Vacuum

Chom Chom - Lint/Fur Remover for furniture