Our Training Program

Our Training Program

All puppies will need time and commitment for crate training, teaching socialization skills, training basic obedience, as well as, instruction on manners. This may seem like a lot of work. However, here at Eagleridge Goldens we will happily do all this for you!

In our Training Program, we train your puppy in many aspects using positive reinforcement, consistency, and patience. We will also provide all the necessary vaccinations as well as micro-chipping, saving you associated expenses and multiple trips to the vet. Our trained puppies also make great candidates for service dogs.

At 7 weeks of age, puppies will be put through distraction, temperament, and focus testing. Those who score the highest will be selected for our Training Program. Beginning at 8 weeks of age until the age of 16-18 weeks, puppies will be trained each day. The following are things that your puppy will learn in our program:

  • Crate training

  • Threshold Training

  • Socialization

  • How to walk nicely on a leash

  • Sit, down, stay, come, place

During the 8 weeks of training, we strongly encourage new owners to come up once every 1-2 weeks to practice the training routine with the pup. In doing this, the puppy will be more likely to recognize you and follow your commands when you bring them home. Upon bringing them home, you will still need to work with the puppy a few times a day, for no more than 5 minutes at a time, to establish yourself as the new pack leader.

Please note, the training program does not include housebreaking. The pups are trained here in our training facility where they are kept in indoor/outdoor runs with their classmates. They are free to go out to potty whenever they need. Therefore when they come home, they need to be brought out every 30-45 minutes for the first week to learn where the door is.