Adoption Process

1. Email

  • Tell me a little about yourself: Where do you currently live? How many pets do you currently own? What breeds have you owned in the past? Do you have any children? What do you do for fun?
  • Do you want an 8 week puppy or a trained 16 week puppy? Do you want a male or a female?

When I reach your name in the waiting list, I will contact you with information regarding the current litter. If you wish to move forward at that time, please let me know as soon as possible as our pups are on a first come basis.

For Deposit Invoice Processing: Please provide your full name, street address, phone number, and email address.

2. Place Deposit

  • A $500 refundable deposit is required to secure your puppy. We will not accept deposits unless we have a puppy available for you. If you cancel prior to the time that the reserved puppy turns 6 weeks, we will refund $400.00. After 6 weeks, $300. After 7 weeks, $0.

3. Puppy Cam

  • When the puppies turn 2 weeks old, we will share our Puppy Cam with you so that you can see them at any time! This camera will be shared within the Wyze App to the email that we have on file for you.

4. I'm Coming Home!

  • 1 week prior to the pup turning 8 weeks, we will contact you to schedule your date/time for pick up and to finalize paperwork. If you are participating in our Training Program, we will contact you to schedule a date/time for you to come meet your puppy and finalize paperwork. It will be at this appointment that we will give you your Eagleridge Puppy Booklet (which will include: a copy of your purchase agreement, copies of the AKC registrations and OFA clearances of your pups parents, training tips, vaccinations/meds that have been given to your pup up to the 8 week point, your pups AKC registration paperwork, and other helpful information to help transition your pup to his/her new home). If your pup is participating in our Training Program, you will receive their microchip information along with the vaccination record up to the 16 week point once training is complete and at the time of pick up.

5. Final Payment

  • The final invoice will be emailed to you and must be paid in full when the pup turns 8 weeks or at the time of pick up. If you are participating in our Training Program, the training invoice will also need to be paid in full prior to the puppy beginning his/her training.
Adoption Process