After much research, trial, and consultation with our team of Vets, we have made the decision to change our recommendation of Dog Food from Life’s Abundance to pawTree (Real Chicken and Oatmeal Recipe).

Before deciding to make this big change, we ran our own study in which we fed some of our pups pawTree and the others Life’s Abundance. We found that there was a significant difference in the consistency and quantity of their stool. The pups being fed Life’s Abundance had an increased amount of stool and the consistency was much more runny/loose. Those being fed pawTree had significantly less and firmer stool. PawTree dog food does not contain fillers or bi-products. Therefore the kibble is nutritionally dense and less food is required to meet the nutritional needs of your dog – which ultimately saves you money and results in better poop! A standard 65-70lb dog will require 2 cups of food per day of pawTree as compared to 4-5 cups of food per day with your standard brand kibble.

Another thing that I really love about pawTree is all of the products that they offer. All of their products have been formulated using human grade ingredients by their Veterinarians and Animal Nutritionists. Some of our favorites here at Eagleridge are the Freeze dried Turkey, Apples, and Cinnamon treats, the wild Alaskan Salmon and Pollack Oil, and the Gastro Pro Plus (see below).

Our main priority here at Eagleridge is to produce the healthiest, most beautiful pups with the best temperaments. Genetics and nutrition play a huge part in this. I urge you to check out the products, read the testimonials, look at the nutritional ingredients, and consider switching over to pawTree today.

Click here to order the food blend that we recommend and use on our pups starting from the age of 4 weeks

For those existing Eagleridge parents that are currently using Life’s Abundance and are happy with it: I will continue to honor the use of this food in our 2 year health guarantee but strongly suggest that you consider switching.

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Gastro Pro Plus - stress diarrhea is common during the transition period away from littermates and into a new home. This is the product that we recommend to help make that transition easier for your little one.

Wild Alaskan Salmon & Pollack Oil - Goldens are known for shedding. This product reduces shedding, improves skin/coat, and prevents hot spots. It is filled with Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is pertinent to your pets health.

CBD- Good for anxiety, sore/stiff joints, allergies, itching, and several other conditions